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Providing replacement brake pads, discs and brake fluid for customers

Your local garage for brake repairs

Allcars is your local garage in Portchester, providing brake repairs on most makes and models of vehicles in the area. If you are worried that your brakes aren’t working properly and want to get them looked at, book online or pop by our garage in the Castle Trading Estate in Portchester.

Replacement brake pads and discs

If you’re experiencing some juddering, grinding or squealing sounds with your brakes, it might mean that you need some new brake pads or discs. At Allcars, we’ll check each wheel to see if there are any problems and if you need replacements or repairs, we’ll let you know and can fit them quickly and efficiently for your car.

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Brake fluid levels

It’s best to keep an eye on all the fluid levels, within your vehicle’s engine bay. Your brake fluid, over time, will absorb water which affects its boiling temperature and ability to work effectively. Your brake fluid needs topping up every once in a while, but every 2 years or so you might need a complete flush, depending on how many miles you drive a year. At Allcars our staff are all fully trained to inspect your vehicle and will let you know if you need the work done. We don’t do anything that will unnecessarily cost you money, so you can always be sure if you need work done or not with us.

Brakes for maximum safety

We supply all components to make sure that your brakes keep you safe. It’s important that you keep your brakes in good working order so that you’re safe on the road and can avoid any accidents. We’ll make sure we fit brake pads, discs, callipers, servos and more to your car’s manufacturer manual to ensure your car gets the quality it needs to run smoothly. During every service, we’ll check that your brakes are in good working order, so that you never have to worry about your safety.

Book online with Allcars garage for your brake repairs. We’ll provide inspections, repairs, prices and more at our garage in Portchester. Contact us if you’re not sure if you need repairs or not.


We can also provide tyres and wheel alignment for customers that need new tyres or a tyre tread check. We’ll supply and fit tyres in our garage and have you back on the roads as soon as we can.

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