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Exhaust fitting and emissions testing at your local garage

At Allcars, we’re fully trained and experienced in servicing and replacing exhausts on all car models. We supply exhausts and try to fit or repair them the same day, so that you won’t be waiting around long for repairs. We provide high-quality exhaust repair services in the Portchester and Fareham area at low prices.

Regular exhaust maintenance

Your exhaust works hard on each journey you make, and needs to be in good working order for you to have maximum fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere. Your system can be prone to damage and your vehicle may need exhaust repairs if not maintained properly.

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Damaged exhausts

If your exhaust is damaged, often it will create a horrible noise, smoke may be coming out of it or you might notice your fuel being consumed a little quicker than normal. Damaged exhausts need to be repaired as soon as possible for your safety and also as harmful emissions could be higher than the legal requirements set by the government, which means your vehicle could fail its MOT.

In addition to this, your exhaust can be subject to corrosion or rusting, which could cause damage to the exhaust box and piping, causing your exhaust to actually come away from the bottom of your vehicle.

If you need exhaust repairs including a new exhaust box, silencer repairs, or a simple inspection, Allcars are here to help! We can check your exhaust out for free, and if you need any repairs we will let you know. With your approval, we’ll conduct the repairs you need and get your car back to working condition.

Additional repairs and servicing

We also provide a recovery and accident repair service at our garage in Portchester. We have access to the latest equipment in the motoring market, which enables us to perform any repairs on any make and model of vehicle. Our recovery service allows us to provide a reliable and quick service for our customers in the local area if they are broken down by the side of the road.

We also provide car body repairs and paint work if you’ve been in an accident or just need a touch up on your vehicle.

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